Thank you, volunteers!

The Business World summer program is a success year after year, in large part, because of the dedicated business professionals who volunteer their time, energy, manpower, and expertise to mentor the students that attend our events. Our group of talented faculty advisors is made up of business men and women from all over Wisconsin, with various backgrounds, and, some of them, have been volunteering since the program’s inception.


Advisor Role

Once the students arrive at the program, they are divided into teams consisting of 10-12 students each, functioning as an imaginary “company” for the program, with you as their advisor.  Each company works harmoniously to create a unique product, develop marketing strategies, design a commercial, and compete in an online business simulation. Over the course of the program, they have opportunities to interact with guest speakers and tour local companies to complete the hands-on experience.


Interested in becoming an advisor, or helping out the Business World staff? Contact the program’s director, Michelle Grajkowski, via e-mail or by phone (608.258.3400) for more information.