The Business World Program is the high school education division of the WMC Foundation. Established in 1982, Business World was created to engage high school students in an academic setting and demonstrate the values of leadership, financial literacy, and free-market enterprise.

There are two components to the Business World Program: the summer overnight program and the “Mini” Business World, single-day events.

The Business World Summer Program is a highly-competitive academic program available to Wisconsin high school students. Students from all over Wisconsin, with the help of their teachers, apply to attend either of our two overnight summer sessions held on two separate college campuses (both programs offer the same curriculum, only different venues). For four days and three nights, students are split up into competing teams, each acting as a hypothetical company. Over the course of the program, the students are tasked with creating a product, assigning roles within the organization, and navigating the company through a series of real world obstacles. All the while, guest speakers introduce and explain the values of financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and the free-market model. To see a sample schedule from the 2017 Summer Program, click here.

The “Mini” Business World Program condenses the core curriculum of the summer program and brings it on-site to a Wisconsin high school during the school year. Following the schedule of a regular school day, students are introduced to the origins of the free-market system and then compete in a series of hands-on activities that stress the same concepts introduced in the summer program.

Since 1982, over 20,000 high school students from all over Wisconsin have sought out the Business World Program as a way of furthering their business and economic studies. Our curriculum combines hands-on activities with academic rigor to create a unique business education experience. Business professionals and college professors, chamber executives and entrepreneurs from all over the Midwest volunteer to help the students during the program by facilitating discussion, encouraging ideas, and pushing the students to be successful. In our programs, students learn entrepreneurship, financial literacy, business ethics, career planning, the value of the free-market economic model, and the inner workings of Wisconsin’s economy. As a result, participants gain a greater appreciation for what it takes to run business, but more importantly, they will understand the critical role Wisconsin has played and continues to play in the global economy.

To learn about the application process, or more information on attending the program, click here.