Wisconsin Business World is a program of WMC Foundation aimed at providing high school students with economic and financial literacy education, while teaching the importance of free-market enterprise. Since 1982, Business World has served over 20,000 students through our unique, hands-on business education curriculum.

Our Programs

The Summer Program is a fun and educational camp open to all Wisconsin high school students. Over the course of four days and three nights, students from all over the state work together to learn about entrepreneurship, financial literary, business ethics, career planning, the value of the free-market economic model and the inner workings of Wisconsin’s economy.

“Mini” Business World condenses the core curriculum of the summer program and brings it on-site to a Wisconsin high school or tech college during the school year.


Day 1: Orientation
Students kick off their four-day program with a short orientation, and then it is right into the Board Room. Team members get to meet each other and must quickly start building their company. From product development and appointing leadership positions, students begin to develop just like a “startup.” By the end of the day, students go from strangers with diverse backgrounds to colleagues with a common goal of running a successful business.

Day 2: Business Ethics
Every business has the goal to increase profits each quarter, but it cannot be done by bending and breaking the rules. That is why students get a crash course in business ethics, which breaks down examples of real-life situations. Will these students – and business leaders of the day – act in an ethical way? The whole day focuses on making decisions that benefit shareholders, while ensuring the business stays above board. The day ends with a product trade show where students have to sell their product to actual Wisconsin business leaders.

Day 3: Financial Literacy
Running a business is difficult, and one of the most important lessons is how to manage money. Should the students put more money into marketing and R&D while raising prices, or should they compete with the lowest priced product and sacrifice a large marketing budget? Students learn how the business reacts to both extremes and how it can relate to personal financial situations. Students end the day with a better understanding of both personal and business finance.

Day 4: Career Planning
The last day of the Business World summer program has students presenting at their shareholders meeting. They are judged on a variety of factors to see if their business was successful, and if they have what it takes to be crowned the winning company. As the business simulation wraps up, students discuss how the different positions they had in the company relate to available career opportunities in Wisconsin. After finding out who the winner is, students head home with a better understanding of business, economics, financial literacy and have a better plan for the future.

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