WMC and its Foundation honor best practices for manufacturing, service industry, environmental protection, education, safety and more.

Business Friend of the Environment Award

The Business Friend of the Environment Awards highlight what Wisconsin companies are doing in the areas of pollution prevention, innovative technology and environmental sustainability. Watch our winner video.

Corporate Safety Award

This program honors leaders in our state’s business community for achieving excellence in safety and health.

Wisconsin Safety Hall of Fame

The Wisconsin Safety Council established the Wisconsin Safety Hall of Fame to recognize high achievement and encourage progress toward a safer and healthier Wisconsin. It symbolizes the Council’s commitment to safety and health.

Safety Lifetime Achievement Award

The Wisconsin Safety Council’s Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals for a lifetime of commitment to improving the safety and health of Wisconsin and America’s workers.Their passion for safety, extraordinary work ethic and integrity will be of great inspiration in the years to come.

Manufacturer of the Year

The Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year (MOTY) awards program is sponsored by the accounting and advisory firm of Baker Tilly, the legal firm of Michael Best & Friedrich. Watch our winner video.

Wisconsin Job Honor Awards

Our society celebrates lottery winners, celebrities and professional athletes. We rarely hear inspiring stories of individuals whose lives are transformed through the hard work and perseverance that leads to meaningful employment. By publicly honoring these individuals we inspire others.

Health Care Best Practices

WMC’s Healthcare Agenda includes initiatives to encourage employers to take innovative steps to improve the health status of their employees and control their healthcare costs.

Sustainability Best Practices

Many Wisconsin companies recognize that sustainable business practices complement their quality and productivity efforts. Being good environmental stewards and contributing to the sustainability of their communities is a key value.

Human Resources Professional of the Year Awards

The WMC/Ogleetree Deakins Human Resources Professional of the Year Awards recognize HR professionals who have demonstrated excellence in their field.