The goal of the Aetna EAP is to help you improve productivity, increase employee satisfaction and better manage your group life/AD&D and long term disability (LTD) costs – with a focus on wellness. Employers and employees insured under the WMC/Aetna group life/AD&D and LTD plan can access this valuable benefit.

The links below provide access to promotional communications materials to help you increase awareness, encourage participation, and highlight features of the program. The Aetna EAP has services for two audiences: managers and employees.

Managers: While managers are considered employees, they have special needs. The communications material for managers focus on special services such as management consultation and critical incident response. The materials also emphasize that encouraging employees to use the EAP can help save employees time and effort.

Employees: The trust factor is key for employees. They need to feel comfortable and “safe” in using an EAP. In these materials, confidentiality and ease of use are emphasized in order to motivate them to use the program. In addition, the materials focus on the variety of services and tools (such as the Aetna EAP website) so employees understand that the EAP is a useful resource that can assist them with multiple issues, as well as save them time and effort in dealing with difficult issues.

EAP Communication & Promotional Materials

Aetna’s EAP website provides; employee flyers, posters, wallet cards and other communication templates.