Heritage-Crystal Clean Offers ESP Services

Complete Facility Evaluation at no cost to WMC Members

Heritage-Crystal Clean (HCC), a WMC member and affinity partner, not only has a full line of parts cleaning and industrial waste services to offer members, but they also have ESP. No, not quite extra sensory perception, but instead, a program designed to lessen the burdens that accompany environmental activities. Environmental Solutions Partners, ESP for short, is a unique approach to evaluate waste generation processes and management practices in an effort to provide members with a sole-source environmental vendor utilizing the latest technology/management methods available. ESP, consisting of HCC environmental experts, performs (at no cost to members) a complete facility evaluation to identify needs and/or assure that each member is using best practices for environmental activity.


Used Oil, Parts Cleaning and Industrial Waste Disposal Services

WMC Service Corporation has developed a strategic partnership with Heritage-Crystal Clean (HCC), the 2nd largest parts cleaning and industrial waste service provider in the United States.

Heritage-Crystal Clean focuses on the environmental service needs of manufacturers. They also offer an array of services to other industries with unique waste streams including healthcare facilities, printing companies and companies with print shops, and the plastics industry. The company boasts an outstanding record of environmental compliance.


WMC Member Pricing Program

Heritage Crystal-Clean offers the following WMC member-only pricing on parts cleaning, used oil and containerized waste services:

  • Minimum 25% discount on all services
  • Larger volume discounts available
  • No set-up or installation fees ($63 savings)
  • No waste profile fees ($75-$425 savings on every new waste stream)
  • Significant cost reduction to WMC members
  • WMC members who are existing HCC customers should contact Dean Popovich at HCC at 847.783.5110 or dean.popovich@crystal-clean.com to determine if they are eligible for further savings on HCC services.

For more information, please contact Mallory Wipperman at WMC, 608.258.3400