Wisconsin Manufacturers & Business Service Directories


  • Wisconsin Manufacturers directory with ~12,020 company profiles highlighting companies with two or more employees (2+)
  • Wisconsin Business Service database with ~9,350 service company profiles, includes companies with 25 or more employees (25+)
  • Access to thousands of Wisconsin businesses and millions of U.S., Canadian and International firms through custom reports
  • Similar products and formats for all 50 states
  • Special bundle pricing available on the printed directories


Obtain this valuable data in the format that best suites your needs:

  • Printed Directories
    Search for contacts by city, SIC code, product type or alphabetically
  • Custom reports focusing on the markets you need to target

Product Features/Benefits

  • Pinpoint hard to find facts on thousands of Wisconsin and other states’ companies
  • Analyze hot prospects and qualify your best leads
  • Locate new customers in your target market
  • Find multiple key decision makers with buying authority
  • Design direct mailings that target key decision-makers


Customized Lists
Start at ~$150. Pricing is ala carte and based on the number of companies and information you need about each company.

Printed Directories
Wisconsin Manufacturers Directory = $184
Wisconsin Business Service Directory = $207
Bundle of both Directories = $295

WMC members receive a 10% discount on all database products if you order through WMC. 


How to Purchase

To place your order, or for a free, no-obligation custom list quote, contact Jaime Allen, 608.258.3400.


Custom Lists from MailingListsXPRESS      

These custom lists are a cost-effective (starting at ~$150 per 1,000 companies!) way to target prospective customers, research your target markets, and create mail and call lists. WMC has been in the data business for more than 90 years. Our staff will help you find the right data for your next project. We can build targeted lists focusing on the markets you want to reach. We have immediate access to the entire D&B data file, which includes more than 325,000 Wisconsin businesses and more than 20 million in the United States.

Contact Jaime Allen for detailed information, 608.258.3400.