WMC members receive discounts on products, training, expert advice and other resources to help your business be competitive.


WMC offers print, email communications on a variety of subjects – from our daily news digest to our quarterly signature print publication – we want to keep members informed.

Safety Training & Products

In addition to WMC being the state chamber of commerce and the state manufacturers’ association, we are also the Wisconsin Safety Council. Members of WMC are automatically considered members of the safety council and receive valuable discounts on training and programming to help keep your employees safe – both on and off the job.

Employee Benefits

Through partnerships with insurance companies and more, WMC offers member companies more buying power on things like dental insurance, group life and disability insurance, short term disability insurance, and more.

Discount Programs

WMC members receive exclusive discounts on parts cleaning, environmental service audits and other products and services like office supplies.

Manufacturers Marketplace

The Manufacturers Marketplace is the marketplace for all your supply chain needs and was developed to be the most comprehensive, unique, searchable buyer and seller network of manufacturers in the United States. WMC has partnered with the National Association of Manufacturers to offer this tool to members at a significantly discounted rate.

Human Resource Services

WMC is happy to provide members with access to Worker’s Compensation training, along with a detailed handbook.

Ask the Experts

In addition to discounts on products and services, WMC aims to keep our members informed. We have a number of professionals on staff who specialize in everything from tax policy to healthcare to safety. Have a question? Call us first – if we don’t know the answer we know someone who will.