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Manufacturer of the Year

Required Application Information

All manufacturers with a significant presence in Wisconsin are invited to apply; your company does not need to be headquartered in Wisconsin. Grand Award winners from last year are not eligible but Special Award winners are encouraged to apply. Self-nominations are encouraged. Paper submissions are not accepted; all applications must be sent electronically.

All applications must include detailed information and each company will be judged based on the information listed below. Awards are based on the details provided in the submission.

To submit your application: Click the "Begin online application" link below and complete the online form on the following page, then submit all accompanying information in one PDF file along with the requested graphics files via email to moty@michaelbest.com.

First, determine your company size. Categories are based on company-wide employee count, including parent company and all subsidiaries, in and out of Wisconsin. Do not include temporary employees. MOTY sponsors will verify employee count and reserve the right to modify your category placement. Contact Jenny Ruppel with any questions on category determination, 800.362.7301. Category breakdown is as follows:

  • Small (1-99 employees)
  • Medium (100-299 employees)
  • Large (300-750 employees)
  • Mega (751+ employees)

Tell the judges your story with words, photos, charts and graphs. Most complete applications are 20-25 pages in length, including financial information. Include the following items in a profile of your company:

1a. Introductory statement.  Provide an up-to-800-word statement detailing why your company deserves to win the MOTY award. This section is for you to demonstrate what sets you apart from your competitors.

1b. Optional Workforce Development Grand Award profile. If you wish to also apply for the optional Workforce Development Grand Award, submit an additional 500-1,000-word profile demonstrating Workforce Development best practices and detailing your workforce development initiatives and outcomes. Many manufacturers today report they are having a difficult time recruiting and retaining skilled employees. The MOTY Workforce Development Grand Award is designed to provide recognition for extraordinary, exemplary, and innovative training and education programs which encourage individuals to pursue a career in the manufacturing industry and/or enhance an individual's manufacturing skills. Manufacturers should apply for this additional award if you are excelling in areas of workforce planning and staff development, investing in talent management and employee development, or developing community-based partnerships.

2. Product description. Include graphs and photos as the judges may find it easier to understand the material if photos are included. Please do not submit actual product samples or product catalogs/brochures.

3. Manufacturing process. Include information on any environmental solutions/innovations and the impact of those solutions, R&D leadership and/or application of high technology that makes your company stand out.

4. Operational excellence/continuous improvement. Examples of excellent practices will help paint a picture of your company.

5. Management philosophy/employee commitment. Highlight the involvement of all levels in your organization and describe how that makes your company excellent.

6. Community support, stewardship and involvement. Include information that demonstrates your leadership in the industry, including articles and awards.

7. Financial growth or stability. You do not have to wait to experience tremendous growth or overcome adversity to submit an application. Many winners in the program's history have simply been well-run, solid performing manufacturers.

It is important that the judges understand that a company is financially sound. Submission of lengthy financial reports is not necessary, but concisely demonstrating growth and profitability is extremely relevant from the judges perspective in the overall review and selection of winners. Nominations that do not include this information will not be considered for an award.

We suggest submitting the following pieces of information for the past three years: Income Statement, Balance Statement, Cash Flow Statement. At minimum, please include the following information for the past three years: annual sales revenue, net income or EBITDA percentage, debt-to-equity ratio and current ratio. Since a company will be placed in a category based on the demographics of its parent company, please send the financial information for the parent company in its entirety.

If you have a parent company that is private and complete financial information is not available, please provide at minimum the company wide employee count and parent company's annual revenue in addition to the above explained financials for your own division. An explanation of your organization's relationship with the parent company is recommended.

A summary of items in a chart or graph format is extremely helpful to help illustrate your story to the judges. For instance, you may want to include graphs to depict company financial history.

Your outside auditor is welcome to submit a letter of recommendation for the judges to review and consider, either with the nomination, or separately. Your auditor should focus on the growth and stability of your company. We see this component as being more marketing than technical. They need to "sell" your company just like you're doing with your nomination. A letter from your outside auditor is not required.

Financial information will be kept confidential and judges are asked to sign confidentiality agreements prior to review of the material.

8. Digital artwork files. As a nominee for this prestigious award, your company will be presented at the awards banquet in a video and on a large format poster. The following artwork files must be high resolution and files large enough in size to print clearly at a large scale. Please review the following artwork list with file size specifications before sending artwork. Direct questions relating to artwork files to Hana Reichl, 414.271.6560.

All photos should be 300 dpi JPG and printable at 4"x6". (see below for company logo preferred format):

  • Photo of top company executive
  • Photo of company exterior
  • Photo of product(s)
  • Photo of manufacturing floor/process
  • Photo of employee groups (optional)
  • Company Logo (preferred file format: Illustrator EPS vector art is best format; 300 dpi JPG if EPS vector art is not available)

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Contact MOTY Coordinator Kimberly Hughes with any questions, 800.362.7301