From the Media: WMC Didn’t Flinch

SykesCharlieLeading up to the November, 2014 midterm election, WMC Issues Mobilization Council spent more than $9 million to educate the public about important business issues, even at a time when other groups fell quiet. Hear what 620 WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes had to say about the advertising:


From our Members

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“We each have our own agendas for our businesses and Wisconsin businesses certainly span a wide range of interests. That is exactly where the strength of an organization like WMC exists – bringing a consensus view to policy makers on our behalf. As the people who make decisions every day that drive our state economy, we have a legitimate voice that can enhance public policy debates. With the help and resources of WMC, we can bring the daily reality of what’s happening in towns and cities and workplaces across Wisconsin, one job at a time, to our state’s influential policy makers.”

-Dan Ariens
President and CEO
Ariens Company


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“The Sargento family is dedicated to providing innovative, high quality cheese and employs more than 1,600 people at four Wisconsin facilities. We are proud to be represented by an organization that is as passionate about positively improving the state of Wisconsin as we are.

Being a member of WMC affords us the ability to focus on the daily operations of our business while they work for us on the legislative front to ensure our growth is not inhibited by anti-business laws or regulations.”

-Louie Gentine
CEO and Third Generation Owner
Sargento Foods, Inc.


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“We are a home-grown Wisconsin family business with an old and rich tradition of working with our noses to the grind stone. We work hard to ensure future prosperity, happiness and freedom for ourselves and our families. We know how to manufacture and conduct business, but we are not experts in the political dealings that come out of Madison and do not strive to be.

Our business relies on WMC to communicate and advise us on where the limits of government power are being transgressed and how the government is making it harder for us to do our jobs. In turn, we can make informed business decisions and to encourage the company’s team members to educate themselves regarding these issues and take a stand. WMC has an old and rich tradition of working hard to add value to our membership, and more importantly, to our great state.”

-J.R. Menard
Executive Vice President and Treasurer
Menard, Inc.
Eau Claire


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“WMC affords Greenheck Fan the opportunity to invest and take part in activities that support Wisconsin businesses and bring awareness to the issues and legislation that may impede our growth and expansion. Through our support of and participation in WMC’s various events and endeavors, we have been able to build and foster key relationships with fellow business professionals throughout the state. There is no better opportunity when it comes to interacting with those involved in bettering our state’s business climate.”

-Jim McIntyre
President and CEO
Greenheck Fan Corporation


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“I am a member of WMC because WMC is the voice for my small business at our state and local government. WMC’s agenda involves protecting business owner’s rights and improving the business and tax climate of the state of Wisconsin. As a member of WMC’s Small Business Council, I experienced meetings with various levels of politicians, state organizations and national organizations which gave us an opportunity to directly and frankly discuss issues and to be able to effectuate change. I make time to attend and support WMC because of their commitment to meaningful and purposeful agendas that generate results.”

-Gregory A. Clement
Argon Industries


Jeff Giffin Masters Gallery Foods pic testimonials with logo

“We are proud to receive the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award in the large category. We service the nation from Plymouth – the historical cheese capital of the world – in the nation’s largest cheese-producing state – Wisconsin. Our roots remain here – from the Gentine family’s commitment 40 years ago, coupled with our employees’ tireless efforts, Masters Gallery works hard to excel, and frankly, we like to excel. We thank WMC for continually recognizing manufacturing excellence and making Wisconsin a great place to conduct business.”

-Jeff Giffin
President and CEO
Masters Gallery Foods, Inc.

WMC: Positively Pro-Business