Partnering with over 4,000 organization members to make Wisconsin a safer place to work and live.

As a member, you are eligible to participate in a variety of networking and problem-solving groups called “Member Committees” that allow you to play a safety leadership role in your industry! These groups provide many ways for you to network with professionals in your field and share your safety knowledge with peers to help make your industry safer.

The Council currently has ten committees that you can join, including:

  • Conference Planning
  • Awards
  • Environmental
  • Human Resources & Safety
  • Motor Vehicle Safety
  • Occupational Health Professionals
  • Occupational Safety Professionals
  • Risk Management
  • Training & Personal Development
  • Young Professionals

Committee members plan and create programs for annual Conferences & Expos, participate in ongoing discussions of research findings, new concepts, trends, and solutions for today’s safety challenges within each industry. These networking groups have ongoing communications, while normally meeting twice a year.

Each committee gives you the opportunity to:

  • Make important contacts within your industry
  • Work with other members and industry leaders
  • Examine and discuss a variety of current safety, health and environmental concerns
  • Contribute to projects focused on providing solutions for your industries issues
  • Participate in technical content preparation and review of programs and materials
  • Provide training and information that you can use to improve your organization
  • Help develop public policy statements that potentially impact safety concerns nationwide
  • Engage in important leadership roles within the Committee and Council

Committee Information:

Conference Planning

Mission: The purpose of the Conference Planning Committee (which is comprised of each sub-committee chair) shall be to aid, support, implement and assist in the development of Council policies and programs.

Chair: Linda Huske, City of West Allis; Vice Chair: Ron Wegner, West Bend Mutual Insurance
Chair: Ron Wegner, West Bend Mutual Insurance

The Committee is principally concerned with safety, health and environmental awareness of persons both on and off the job, as well as products and services of business, industry and government agencies. Members work together to determine the emerging issues and trends, propose solutions in the development of best practices, and assist the Wisconsin Safety Council in disseminating this information to business, industry and the public with the largest vehicle being the Council’s Annual safety & health conference delivered each spring.

Mission: Provides direction and support for establishing the guidelines of the two award phases, judging, and delivery of the most prestigious safety award in the nation — the Wisconsin Corporate Safety Award. This award is co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development and the Wisconsin Safety Council.
Chair: Director, Wisconsin Safety Council

Mission: Provides information sharing opportunities, continuing education, and professional fellowship to people with environmental health and safety responsibilities. This Committee leads by listening to members, organizing their efforts, developing leadership that responds to the needs of Wisconsin Organizations.
Chair: Lucas Vebber, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce

Human Resource & Safety
Mission: Promotes the development of human resources training initiatives to serve both human resources and safety professionals through the Wisconsin Safety Council, as well as advanced training initiatives to serve human resource professionals.
Chair: Chris Reader, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce

Motor Vehicle Safety
Mission: Dedicated to promoting occupational transportation safety, the committee exists to educate Wisconsin employers about state and federal transportation requirements, safe driving/hauling practices, and transportation topics that affect employers of all sizes. The committee meets its educational goals by providing the WSC staff with conference and seminar topics, speakers, newsletter articles, and the names of experts to which the WSC can refer members.
Chair: Carol Jamrosz, RGL Holdings; Vice Chair: Open

Occupational Health Professionals
Mission: Dedicated to promoting health, as a part of safety, throughout Wisconsin. Emphasis is given to identifying and addressing the most pressing, current occupational health concerns and regulations. The group uses these identified concerns to develop program topics, recruit speakers, find resource services, write newsletters, and suggest educational ideas. The committee provides health related public service project ideas and/or assists WSC staff in implementing these projects.
Chair: Betty Webber, Colony Brands; Vice Chair: Open

Occupational Safety Professionals

Photo of Occupational Safety Professionals Committees

Mission: The OSP membership is comprised of safety professionals from throughout the State of Wisconsin who represent
a cross section of Wisconsin’s industries: construction, manufacturing and insurance risk control. It is the purpose of the OSP membership to work throughout the year to nominate quality workplace safety related programs and qualified speakers, on relevant topics that are impacting Wisconsin industries each day. Program ideas are to be focused at advancing the skills and knowledge of our constituents who strive to make Wisconsin workplaces safer places to work. These program and speaker nominations are then submitted to the WSC.
Chair: Dave Manke, Johnson Insurance Services, Inc.; Vice Chair: Megan Rae-Stoychoff, GE Healthcare

Risk Management

Photo of Risk Planning CommitteeMission: Brings current topics from the risk management field to the WSC. Risk management topics include both pre- and post-loss issues, and relate to the management of programs that minimize the impact of property loss, vehicle crashes, injuries to the public, and employee injuries. The focus is on programs that manage the individual elements of a safety program and minimize the human and financial losses to organizations. The committee is made up of risk management professionals, and safety professionals with risk management responsibilities — with representatives from a broad base of organizations.
Chair: Eric Brown, M3 Insurance; Vice Chair: Open


Training & Personal Development
Mission: Identifies, develops and promotes programs for the WSC. The target audience is attendees with safety and health responsibilities. Areas of primary focus include personal and professional development, accident prevention outside the realm of regulatory compliance, and the training aspects of technical subjects.
Chair: Bruce Goranson, Lincoln Safety Solutions; Vice Chair: Open

Young Professionals
A group of motivated young professionals (younger than 45) who will help chart the course of the Council and participate in the development of courses offered throughout the year for Millennials. These individuals will also have an opportunity to be assigned a mentor through WSC members. This group will guide WSC on policies and safety training.
Chair:  Josh Jones, Alliant Energy Corporation; Vice Chair: Open


Benefits of Joining a Committee:

  • Networking groups provide member benefits and advantages … as a Wisconsin Safety Council and/or Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce member, you can play a safety leadership role in YOUR industry!
  • These groups provide many ways for you to network with professionals in your field, and share your safety knowledge with peers to help make your industry safer.

To join a committee, please contact the Wisconsin Safety Council at:
Wisconsin Safety Council
Barb Deans
501 E. Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608.661.6940