Wisconsin businesses are being strangled by red tape. WMC is fighting back and lawmakers need to hear from you! Click here to sound off!

One of WMC’s top legislative priorities this session is passage of a state REINS (Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny) Act. This reform clamps down on out-of-control bureaucrats who create regulations with limited Legislative review.



It is modeled after a federal proposal that has been endorsed by President-Elect Donald Trump and the GOP majorities in Congress. The state REINS Act is among the most important business reforms in recent history, which is why we need your help. Please sound off today! Lawmakers need to hear from you now!

WMC’s most recent CEO Survey found that cutting red tape is the No. 1 way to improve our business climate.

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WMC: Fighting Red Tape For You

  • REINS Act – Requires legislature to approve any regulation that will cost more than $10 million over two years to comply with based on the Economic Impact Analysis prepared for the regulation. This historic reform will singularly crack down on red tape in our state.
  • Allow Impartial Analysis – The regulatory relief plan allows the legislature the option to request independent Economic Impact Analysis documents be prepared outside of the agency. This makes sure that agencies can’t cook the books and put out inaccurate cost estimates to avoid the REINS Act. This would be the first time the legislature has ever had a “check” on these documents to clamp down on runaway Madison bureaucrats.
  • Crack Down On Scope Statements – Under current law when agencies want to write regulations they have to submit a “Statement of Scope” to the governor for approval. This bill requires the Department of Administration to first review those scope statements and verify that the agency actually has statutory authority to write the regulation they are proposing before the governor signs off and lets the agency begin drafting.
  • Sunshine Kills Red Tape – This reforms give the legislature the ability to require a public hearing on the scope statement – forcing the agency to get input on a regulation before they begin writing it. Currently, agencies only have to hold a hearing on a rule once it has already been written – and at that point it’s very difficult to get changes.

Join WMC as we fight to improve the business climate in Wisconsin. Help us cut red tape!

Click here to tell your legislator to cut burdensome regulations and support the REINS Act.

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