There’s a move afoot at the Capitol to increase income taxes on manufacturers and we need your help to fight back!




A group of lawmakers has banded together to repeal your manufacturers’ income tax credit, in the form of Assembly Bill 200. We all know the credit has been a major reason for the expansion of our manufacturing sector here in the state.

We are alerting every manufacturer in the state because we need to stand united against the repeal of the Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit, commonly called the MAC.

Right now Wisconsin is experiencing a MAC Attack. With your help we will stop it. Click here to contact your legislator.

WMC, along with Gov. Scott Walker, developed the tax relief that has nearly wiped out income taxes for in-state manufacturing income.

In the four years before the MAC was adopted, our state lost 81,000 manufacturing jobs. After the MAC took effect, our state gained 27,000 manufacturing jobs. The MAC helps you invest in your company, your workers and your community. We can’t lose it!

At WMC, we’ve represented manufacturers since 1911. We’ve been in the trenches delivering tax cuts, lawsuit reform, regulation relief, Right to Work and so much more.

But, we cannot sit idly by. Contact your legislator today to send a message to lawmakers that manufacturers are united in support of the MAC.