WMC’s public policy center educates members on the issues and how the outcome will affect your business.

Legislative Voting Records

We are pleased to present the 2013-14 Legislative Voting Record, WMC’s biennial business issue scorecard for the Wisconsin State Legislature. Share this report with your employees so they can easily see how individual members of the legislature voted on key issues affecting the business climate in Wisconsin.

Click here to view the publication.

Public Education

The WMC Foundation is pleased to present a series of videos to help educate the public on issues affecting Wisconsin businesses. Click here to watch.

Talk to Your Employees, They’ll Respond

All too often, employers shy away from talking about policy matters with their employees.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R – Wisconsin) stopped by WMC to explain why employers need their workers to understand how more profit means more benefits and opportinitues.

That’s the wrong approach. Employees want to know what you think, and research has found that employers are one of the most trusted sources of information for employees when making decisions that affect their families’ futures.

As a business owner, you have a First Amendment Right to discuss with your employees the important public policy issues that affect your company, your state and your nation.

There are some restrictions under state law limiting your ability to tell workers for whom to vote, or which political party to support. And you cannot hint that the business will close or wages will be cut based on the outcome of an election. But you can provide basic, common sense information about how issues affect your business.

You can also explain how those issues affect your company’s bottom line and, in turn, your ability to provide better benefits to your employees. In other words, your workers need to know higher taxes, regulation and runaway lawsuits drive-up costs and directly affect the company’s profits and losses.

WMC provides you with tools to have conversations about policy issues and how public officials voted on business issues. For example, our website contains a complete scorecard detailing how your lawmakers voted on business issues in the most recent legislative session. Feel free to print and share the scorecard with your workers at a staff meeting – or email it to them with a note about how the issues affect your business and your community, including your employees and their families. Urge your employees to review how their own legislators voted. They will likely find there is a wide range of support for the business agenda at the State Capitol.

Use WMC as a resource to learn more about issues and share the details with your employees. The best employee public policy program is a long, sustained educational program by your company. Let the resources from WMC help you educate your co-workers.

The State of Manufacturing

A national expert says the nation is in the midst of a “manufacturing renaissance,” led in part by massive growth in the energy industry.

National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons says keeping today’s kids excited by the industry will be key to filling the jobs companies are creating.

Timmons also says an EPA proposal aiming to further regulate the energy industry could be the most expensive regulation in the country’s history and severely impact manufacturers, who use a third of the nation’s energy.

Watch his discussion with WMC’s Wisconsin Business Voice Editor Katie Yeutter for more insights.

Race-by-race analysis from the WMC experts

WMC’s Government Relations team is closely following races for state legislature seats. Watch as they break down some of the closest battles.

Television Ads

WMC IMC is on the air with ads to educate communities across Wisconsin on the issues before the November 4, 2014 general election. Click here to watch.

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