WMC’s government relations professionals are at the State Capitol practically every day working on issues that affect Wisconsin businesses of all sizes, in all industries.


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WMC works on educational policy reforms where the outcome will affect Wisconsin businesses. In 2011, WMC backed education reforms that eliminate the enrollment caps for both… More

Energy & Telecommunications

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Energy and telecommunications are of course major issues affecting businesses in Wisconsin. WMC works on behalf of employers on these issues so we can keep Wisconsin working… More


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Wisconsin employers face an uncompetitive and often hostile regulatory environment. Many environmental regulations in Wisconsin are more stringent than what is necessary to… More

Health Care

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Rising health care costs are repeatedly rated one of Wisconsin’s top economic, business and consumer concerns. WMC works on healthcare issues on behalf of businesses in the… More

Human Resources

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Wisconsin human resources professionals are an integral part of our state’s workforce. They have to know many facets of employment law, health care policy, unemployment… More


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WMC applauds the Wisconsin legislature for passing mining reform. Read the latest press release here. Staff Contact: Scott Manley Follow Scott @ManleyWMC… More

Taxes & Spending

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High taxes are consistently rated as a major issue for Wisconsin businesses. Lower taxes allow businesses to invest more in their employees and their communities… More


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Wisconsin businesses face many challenges in maintaining a strong infrastructure network. Whether by land, rail or water, a solid transportation system is integral to making… More