WMC Issue Mobilization Council, Inc. drives the business agenda at election time and during the legislative session to help the public understand the issues affecting Wisconsin.

2012 Business Issue Advocacy

TV Ads

On the street

Barrett Economic Policies

Fact Check

Looking up


Meet Tammy Baldwin
(with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Protect Wisconsin Jobs: Sean Duffy
(with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Radio Ads

SD 21: Wanggaard, “Jobs”

SD 23: Moulton, “Jobs”

SD 29: Petrowski, “Jobs”

2011 Business Issue Advocacy

TV Ads

Don’t Go Back

Justice David Prosser protects Wis. families

Joanne Kloppenburg is not tough on crime

Nancy Nusbaum raises taxes and her salary

Radio Ads

Don’t Go Back

Jessica King raises taxes

2010 Business Issue Advocacy

TV Ads

Bob Jauch wants government healthcare

Pat Kreitlow wants to give free rides

Pat Kreitlow votes for tax hikes

John Lehman and Jim Sullivan vote for tax hikes

Jim Sullivan wants to raise taxes

Jim Soletski votes for higher taxes

Kristen Dexter votes to raise taxes

C.W King raises taxes

Phil Garthwaite votes for higher taxes

Ann Hraychuck votes for higher taxes

Ted Zigmunt votes for higher taxes

Radio Ads

Sean Duffy supports tax and spending cuts

Ann Hraychuck raises taxes

Amy Loudenbeck will create jobs

Phil Garthwaite raises taxes

Howard Marklein will cut state spending

Shirl LaBarre has a plan for more jobs and lower taxes

Janis Ringhand supports radical environmental policies

Jim Soletski created job loss in Green Bay

Pat Kreitlow votes for government healthcare and a tax hike

Pat Kreitlow and Kristen Dexter vote for more taxes and fees

Bob Jauch votes to raise taxes and fees with Jim Doyle

Ted Thompson has a plan for more jobs and less spending

John Lehman votes for increased taxes

Dan Kapanke has a jobs plan

Steve Kagen kills jobs

Kathleen Vinehout votes for higher taxes

Ted Zigmunt and Jim Soletski vote for tax hikes

2009 Business Issue Advocacy

EFCA Postcards

Kind/Kohl Postcard #1 (pdf file)
Kind/Kohl Postcard #2 (pdf file)
Kagen/Kohl Postcard #1 (pdf file)
Kagen/Kohl Postcard #2 (pdf file)
Kohl Postcard #1 (pdf file)
Kohl Postcard #2 (pdf file)

Newspaper Ads

Investor Warning! 150% Capital Gains Tax Hike Looms (06/23/2009)
WMC Newspaper Ad (pdf file)

Liability Expansion

WMC Newspaper Ad (pdf file)

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