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WMC/IMC Victories

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce has successfully achieved a number of dramatic milestones and helped set the stage for a vastly improved business climate in our state for years to come.


  • At WMC’s urging, Legislature passes no-tax-hike state budget, a property tax freeze, and an $80 million corporate tax cut.
  • WMC helps overturn $94 million punitive damage claim at Wisconsin appeals court. Establishes precedent.


  • Trained over 30,000 people in safety initiatives, and introduced the "Fall Prevention" and "Crash Free" initiatives.
  • Secured a $50,000 grant designed to make the state's wokforce development and training system more efficient and effective for Wisconsin's employers and job seekers.

Business Products & Services

  • Established a new group employee benefits program with Aetna Life Insurance.
  • Issued a new edition of the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Handbook for the WCCF.
  • Published the 2005 Wisconsin Manufacturers Database and the 2005 Wisconsin Service Database, featuring the most up-to-date information on over 30,000 state busineses.