WMC Issues Mobilization Council delivers the message to the public to help them understand what it takes to create jobs in Wisconsin.

WMC Issues Mobilization Council, Inc.

Anti-business voices are loud and clear… Make sure your voice is heard on issues in 2014! More

WMC IMC Issue Advocacy

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WMC Issues Mobilization Council’s television ad campaigns deliver the truth to the public. Donate today to fight back against unions, radical environmentalists and personal in… More

Governor Scott Walker Issue Ads

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Wisconsin is on a roll. Governor Scott Walker is getting recognized by state and national leaders for his public policy achievements in partnership with WMC. Wisconsin has… More

WMC IMC Victories

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WMC IMC: A Winning History of Public Policy Victories WMC Counters Union Misinformation — Spent $7 million on issue advocacy to counter union misinformation regarding… More