NyffeneggerSusan - 2018Susan joined WMC in 1996 as an administrative assistant for three lobbyists on the government relations team. Coming straight from college, she was up for the challenge to learn about WMC’s impact in Wisconsin and eager to be a part of its dynamic team. A few months into the job she expanded her role to the WMC Foundation, bringing her knowledge and skills, as well as past experience working for Wisconsin business leaders, to this new position.

As a member of the Foundation team, Susan is responsible for helping to deliver educational programs on business issues, the free enterprise system, economics, workforce development initiatives and safety training – all of which are the heart of the Foundation’s mission. She also works closely with local chambers of commerce through WMC’s Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Executives program, which is primarily focused on professional development, advocacy and workforce development.

Susan graduated from Madison College and is a member of the American Society of Administrative Professionals. She was born and raised on a century-old dairy farm in southwestern Wisconsin, which is still operational today. She is married to her high school sweetheart, has three children, lives in Lodi, Wisconsin (home of the Blue Devils), and will forever be a Bruce Springsteen fan.