Manley_ScottScott Manley joined WMC in 2005 after serving more than ten years as a policy advisor in the Wisconsin State Senate, where he focused his policy work in the areas of environment, natural resources, taxation and the judiciary. While serving as Chief of Staff to Senator Cathy Stepp, Manley assisted in WMC’s effort to draft and negotiate the Job Creation Act (Act 118).

Scott serves as chief lobbyist for WMC, and oversees the government relations program by directing a team of lobbyists and policy experts.  Together they work with legislators and state agency officials to advance WMC’s agenda to make Wisconsin the most competitive state in the nation for jobs and business. He also manages WMC’s issue advocacy program, as well as the Association’s political action efforts. Manley previously represented WMC on environmental and energy policies.

Manley currently serves as Vice President of the Wisconsin Civil Justice Council, which promotes fairness and transparency in Wisconsin’s legal system through policy advocacy. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the Great Lakes Legal Foundation, an organization that seeks to advance economic growth by holding government regulators accountable to the law. He was also appointed by Governor Scott Walker’s Administration to represent business perspectives on the Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council.

Scott graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.