Pugh_JimJim Pugh is an award-winning public affairs professional and innovator in corporate public policy issue advocacy at Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce – Wisconsin’s chamber of commerce. Pugh serves as the vice president and treasurer of WMC Issues Mobilization Council, Inc., (WMC IMC), the issue advocacy arm of the Wisconsin chamber.

Pugh served on Governor Scott Walker’s transition team in 2010 and provided public policy guidance and communications support for public employee union reforms.

He has played a leading role at WMC using issue advocacy to drive Wisconsin’s business agenda with the public. He managed issue advocacy campaigns that help Wisconsin’s chamber lobbyists deliver tax cuts, regulation relief, lawsuit reform, Right to Work, public employee union reforms and other wins to improve the state’s business climate. He has managed more than $30 million in issue advocacy from 2006 to 2014 to educate the public about elected officials and candidates for public office.

WMC’s issue advocacy has changed the policy landscape in Wisconsin in every branch of government after the public has been educated about the pro-growth agenda.

In 2014, Pugh spearheaded a record-breaking fundraising effort resulting in raising and spending $9.8 million by WMC IMC. WMC IMC used the funds on media campaigns about the public policy choices presented by Governor Scott Walker, Attorney General Brad Schimel and legislators in the Assembly and Senate.

WMC IMC’s campaigns are known for their hard-hitting messaging based on public opinion research that drives winning messaging. WMC uses television, digital advertising, radio, direct mail, social media and letter-writing campaigns to push public policy with the general public at the grassroots level. Pugh managed some of the most comprehensive grassroots efforts to push Right to Work legislation, lawsuit reform, tax cuts, and to oppose global warming policies and the Employee Free Choice Act.

WMC IMC specializes in issue advocacy regarding public policy debates surrounding the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Since 2007, WMC IMC has led the effort to educate the public about issues important to the judiciary, including the need for jurisprudence that reflects the rule of law. In addition, WMC IMC played a leading role in 2014 on a Vote Yes effort to amend Wisconsin’s constitution and allow the justices to elect the chief justice, thereby ending seniority as the deciding factor.

Pugh is a father of three in Madison, Wisconsin and has a degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was a newspaper reporter in a previous life.