Partnering with over 4,000 members to make Wisconsin safer and healthier. Through training at our office or yours, and in many locations around the state, the Wisconsin Safety Council is dedicated to keeping Wisconsin workers safe.

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Guiding Principles

We create value for our members by focusing efforts in the following key areas:

  • Direct Bottom-Line Savings—We help you go beyond compliance to real savings! Our qualified, skilled staff will help you design and execute a comprehensive, effective safety and health program saving you direct and indirect losses from accidents.
  • Affordable Solutions—We offer affordable product and training solutions for your compliance strategies.
  • Time Savings—We help you comply! Our team of experts will help you understand and comply with workplace safety and health requirements. We save you time with the tools you need to implement effective compliance programs.
  • Critical Information—Our Safety Zone newsletter is a digest of the most current information on safety and health trends, issues and regulatory changes. Our publications are timely and easy to read, and, you’ve told us it’s one of the most valuable services we offer.
  • Valuable Networking Opportunities —From conversations involving our 10 member committees, to the Wisconsin Safety Council’s “best practice” conferences, to our local community safety and health networks, our members work together to share ideas that work to solve common problems.
  • Genuine Partnership—We partner with you to protect people, property and your bottom line, and we’ll deliver on our promise to work hard for you and your employees.


Mission and Overview:

  • Wisconsin Safety Council is the state’s leading provider of safety training and programming. We’re the reason more people come home safely from manufacturing plants, offices, and construction sites every day.
  • Founded in 1923, Wisconsin Safety Council is dedicated to saving the lives of Wisconsin workers.
  • WSC is an educational division of WMC.
  • WSC is proud to be the official state chapter of the National Safety Council.
  • Whether starting from scratch or updating an existing safety program, Wisconsin Safety Council can provide you with access to all the resources you need to prevent injuries, costly claims, as well as increase productivity and stay competitive.

Helping organizations since 1923 achieve safety and health excellence.


WSC Team

Katie Yeutter, President of Insurance & Safety Services
Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer
Barb Deans, Associate Director
Chevon Cook, Safety Manager
Kady Olson, Sr. Safety Manager
Ana Hamil, Business Development Manager
Stephanie Blumer, Customer Service Specialist

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